Tested out the dewy, fresh, natural look that is so often seen on the catwalks of Calvin Klein two days in a row with mascara being the only difference between the two looks. 

Both days I wore foundation, but skipped the powder, and used lipstick instead of a powder blush to rouge the cheeks and get the glowing look. (I seriously need to invest in a cream blush!) I used highlighter on the cheek bones, in the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow. Both days I used a brow pencil in a shade slightly darker than my hair colour to create a strong brow, à la Cara Delevingne, which I wanted to make the focus. On day one, I used black mascara on the top lashes and on day two I just used vaseline. I think I’m going to by a brown mascara for this look. 

I decided to take wardrobe inspiration from minimalist blogs such as love-aesthetics and Park & Cube and cut down my wardrobe to the things I most wear. 

The first picture of mine shows my hanging clothes, the second my folded clothes (and sportswear) and the third is my shelf in the shoe cupboard. (Yes, I love sneakers. In the boxes are my Nike running shoes, my Nike Air Max vintage and my beloved Zara heels that started this minimalist journey off.)

I got rid of so much stuff  (and I’m not even done) and I’ve managed to sell some of it but then eBay decided to delete my account for “suspicious” activity so that’s put a dampener on things. (I have no idea what suspicious things I’ve done apart from only start using my account now even though I registered it in April. It seems unwarranted to me.)

Style Overhaul

It began about a month ago when I was flicking through Polish Elle and came across photos from the Celine catwalk for A/W 2013. I fell in love, head of heels in love. After a few hectic weeks involving surgery, hospital appointments, boyfriend troubles, friend troubles, body image issues, I was feeling truly lost as to who I was as a person. But when I saw the women dressed in minimal, beautifully tailored pieces, I knew there and then who I wanted to be.

For me, minimalism connotes power. When you wears minimalist attire, you have the power to control what others think about you purely based on you as a person. There are no connotations from colour or unnecessary frills. No one can jump to any conclusions when you give them no clues.

The next incident which convinced me that minimalist fashion was the way forward was when I was shopping in Zara in Warsaw and came across a pair of beautiful, sleek white sandal heels. They were reduced to £8, from £60 (I can’t remember the exact amount, but I spied them full price on the internet a few days ago and I couldn’t believe I’d grabbed such a bargain,) and I just had to have them. I wanted to start being the new me right away, but of course a pair of heels wasn’t going to change it all.

Already a follower of blogs such as love-aesthetics and A Merry Mishap, I was no stranger to the concept of a minimalist lifestyle, but in all honesty I was utterly clueless as to where to begin or if it was even possible for someone like me, who loves old tracksuit bottoms and tacky gold earrings and bright nail polish.

I figured the best thing to do would be to throw out anything I didn’t want or need or anything that didn’t fit into my idea of what I wanted to be like. I’ve cut my wardrobe down significantly and stopped holding onto those pieces that “I might wear at some point” but really never would. My wardrobe isn’t what you’d call a “capsule collection”, even after the clear out, but it’s certainly easier on the eye and easier to pair things together.

As I wait for people to bid on things I no longer want, I dream of Zara, COS, Tibi and Celine clothing. I dream of leather skirts, oversized coats, see-through heels, and textured knits, all in wonderful shades of white and black.

It’s been three weeks since this took over my mind and I’ve been trying to put it into practice, mainly into my wardrobe, as much as possible. As I don’t own much white clothing at the moment, I haven’t fully been able to channel minimalism à la Ivania Carpio, but I’ve been trying to play with shapes and colour, or lack thereof, in my everyday outfits. Taking a more minimalistic approach to my lifestyle outside of fashion is going to be a bigger challenge as I live with my parents so don’t have control of the decor and can’t “purify” it, but I do have dreams of what I’ll do once I have my own place.

Since ditching the tracksuits and concealing jumpers, and putting myself out there as a blank canvas, I’ve actually gained a lot more confidence. My head is clear of thoughts about “fitting in” or being liked because although people are talking, people will always talk, no matter what and that’s that. What people think of you is none of your business. I hope by uni, when I start afresh and meet new people, I’ve got the minimalist approach down so that they know me as that fresh, powerful, strong person and not the person who was so confused by who society had made them, because I’m a much happier person this way.

I won’t be deleting my old blog, cheapskate-chic, because I’m not trying to erase the past. I’m just evolving and I shouldn’t be ashamed of any of the people I used to be (I’m hoping you understand what I mean and I don’t sound schizophrenic). Instead I’ve created this new one to harness my minimalist creativity in a fresh environment.